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I began "ghosting" books and other projects in 2019 and have found the process to be endlessly rewarding.  It's a joy to help people tell their stories, in their own voices and from their unique points of view. 


Ghostwriting plays to my strengths as an interviewer -- a skill honed over decades in journalism, both in the U.S. and abroad, and as a biographer in my own right.


My clients have been a diverse and fascinating group.  Ones I've helped with on book-length projects include: a noted Harvard environmentalist and businessman; a pioneering ESG investor; and a retired university professor wanting to memorialize the philanthropic work that he and his wife undertook in the course of their long marriage.


I also happily take on smaller projects, such as pitch letters, book proposals, and more.


I don't disclose the role I play in the creation of these works.  I'm content to be the Wizard of Oz-like figure behind the screen who helps to bring a story to life.


If you or anyone you know is considering writing a memoir or other narrative and need help along the way, please keep me in mind?   


For more information about the process you can reach me through the "Contact" section of this site.  I'd be delighted to talk you through it.  I can also provide writing samples, references, and project estimates upon request.