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"In her absolutely delectable biography, A Dash of Daring, Penelope Rowlands brings back to the spotlight the deserving Carmel Snow."
- Deirdre Donohue, USA Today


"Snow died in 1961 but Rowlands's biography restores her nobility. As vibrant and engaging as a Dorothy Parker piece, and full of Snow's spirit..."
-- Anne Roper, The Independent (Ireland)


"I found this energetic but deeply elegiac book...endlessly absorbing, because it's among the most detailed, precise, and hence evocative accounts of a notoriously rarefied world."
-- Benjamin Schwarz, The Atlantic


"Rowlands's finely researched biography is a frothy read—like leafing through decades' worth of fashion magazines...."
-- The New Yorker


"A Dash of Daring is Penelope Rowlands's wonderful new biography."
-- Anna Wintour, Editor-in-chief, Vogue


"Penelope Rowlands tells a dense, fast-paced story and deftly puts it in the context of magazine history.... Carmel Snow comes vividly to life,
-- Suzy Menkes, International New York Times




"Paris doesn't merely put visitors in the mood; the city itself is the object of mad crushes. This diverse collection of reflections is a testament to that passion. "
-- Susannah Meadows, The New York Times


"In dismantling the dream of Paris, [these writers] reveal an infinitely more complex city and people."
-- Minneapolis Star Tribune


"A lively show-and-tell about the city's legendary Latin lovers, celebrated cuisine, fashion worship, and its rarely heard from (or about) homeless citizens."
-- Elle magazine


"Whether you have lived in Paris or not, this captivating collection will transport you there."
-- Don George, National Geographic Traveler (Book of The Month)




"One of the more fascinating new books on the Fab Four's impact."
-- James Reed, The Boston Globe


"A goody bag of tributes and recollections."
- James Wolcott, Vanity Fair


"What makes this anthology stand out is the quality and variety of its contributors and Ms. Rowlands's own personal history with the band."
--Durham [North Carolina] Herald Sun


"The Beatles Are Here!: 50 Years After the Band Arrived in America, Writers, Musicians, and Other Fans Remember includes fresh perspectives on the phenomenal lads from Liverpool and their music that launched baby boomers and their parents into a brave new world."
-- The Courier-Journal [Louisville, Kentucky]